Why You Need an Electrical Maintenance Package for Your Business

If you don’t have an electrical contractor for your business, you might be wondering what value one can bring. The truth is, regular maintenance work comes with some massive benefits, and having an electrical contractor on hand is much more reliable than calling an electrician once a major problem has already occurred. In this post, we’ll go over why you need an electrical maintenance package for your business in Birmingham and what that entails.

Electrical Maintenance

Update Wasteful Energy Practices

Did you know that simply updating your lighting to more energy efficient alternatives can save your business 90% of its lighting costs? Not to mention that outdated wiring, old computers, and inefficient systems are a huge drain on your electrical budget.

As part of an electrical maintenance package, you can get a full electrical audit and find out where improvements can be made. This will not only save you significant money on energy bills but will help your business run more efficiently.

Prevent Costly Electricity Faults

Electrical emergencies are not only costly to fix but they also result in unnecessary downtime for your business. By having regular electrical maintenance, you’re preventing expensive issues from occurring by fixing small issues as they arise.

You’ll also have a dedicated team to call if something were to go wrong, meaning less downtime for your business.

Prevent Electrical Workarounds

Without a regular electrician coming in to fix minor issues, employees tend to find workarounds for their issues. This ends up with hazardous extension leads across walkways, adaptors being overloaded, and subpar appliances causing a fire risk in shared kitchens.

Having a regular visit from an electrician means that all of your minor issues will be taken care of, keeping your office safe and secure for staff.

Ensure Compliance

Fixed Wire Testing is a legal obligation under The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2008. Regular testing and inspection of electricals in any commercial space is mandatory every five years; though we recommend hazardous industrial environments are checked more frequently than this.’

A maintenance engineer will carry out routine inspections and testing to ensure your property is compliant with the latest regulations.

Need a Commercial Electrical Contract in Birmingham?

Our team of trained, qualified electricians at LOGIK Services Ltd are the leading electrical contractor for countless businesses across Birmingham. We tailor our services to each individual business, and can give you a quote for a maintenance contract that works for your business. Call us today to find out more: 0121 429 1122

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